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Vital Impact International, LLC reflects what we've strived for since 1971 -- to make a vital health, personal growth, and financial impact in people's lives around the world!

We provide GNLD International's products -- the best value for your vibrant/vital health.  The value of GNLD products to customers, combined with GNLD International's most profitable marketing plan, creates a great opportunity to meet your financial freedom objectives:  either part-time income or executive-level full-time business opportunity ... or somewhere in between!  Personal growth is an integral partner on the financial freedom journey.

Congratulations on considering GNLD as a business of your own.  It is one of the best decisions we have made.  We love it because we can make a vital impact on people's lives in the areas of health potential, wealth potential and personal potential.

Whether your goal is to support your good health and improve its quality with higher energy and vitality, to design a better lifestyle with enhanced financial freedom and time freedom and flexibility, or to further discover your God-given talents and abilities, or all three, GNLD can make a Vital Impact on your life!

For years we've brought the best products to our customers -- providing the greatest value for vital health!   Additionally, we've brought the best marketing plan to our successline team members -- a plan which enables financial freedom!

We are here to help you achieve your goals.  Let us know how we can best help YOU, our valued customer and friend.


Kent & Linda Wilson


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